Monday, January 12, 2009

4 wheeler sledding

Thanks to all the snow we have gotten in the past week we were able to go sledding with the 4-wheelers Sunday after church.

Jack's all snuggled....and asleep!
Here's a pic of Jack enjoying his first 4-wheeler ride! (I hope my mother doesn't see these pics!!)

Here I am getting ready for my first ride on the sled - Brian's the driver

Once out in the field we traded - I became the driver and Brian went sledding. Here's a pic of him warming up by the fire after I dumped him off the sled while doing doughnuts on the 4-wheeler. Notice the dark blue coat that is now white!
Here I am going out again on the sled - this time Dan was the driver and this picture is taken right before the tailbone injury! My butt hurts so bad!!
Here's Olivia all ready to go!

Daddy getting Olivia ready on the sled


On Stage said...

That looks like sooo much fun!

Still Sane said...

Mike hooked up a 5 person toboggon to our go-kart. Probably not safe, but fun!

mommy25now! said...

Had a blast! Looks like we've got enough snow to do it again! This time I'll remember my camera BATTERY and not just the camera!

mommy to an angel said...

hahaha - that's been your story lately! You bring the diaper bag with no diapers or wipes, then the camera with no battery....did you tighten the screws on your head - I'd hate for you to show up someday with nothing on your shoulders!