Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd opinion

I took Olivia to another dentist yesterday for a 2nd opinion and unfortunately he said the same thing as the first dentist. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read this. He said there is a possibility that once they get in there that they will have to do a root canal on all 4 teeth that have the really bad cavities. He couldn't say that it is definitely going to be necessary but he can't rule it out either. He said that the pediatric dentist we took her to is a good dentist and she would be best cared for by them.
So, if you read my blog and pray, I'm begging you to please add little miss O to your prayers this week. She has her first appointment on October 13th to start getting some of this work done. Please pray really hard for her this week that she will not have to go through with a root canal. Pray that the cavities will be easily taken care of with just a normal filling. Pray that everything will go smoothly and that she will not have to be strapped down or in any pain.
My heart just aches for her. I can't stand the fact that she will have to go through all of this. I absolutely hate the dentist and I don't want her to start feeling the same way towards dentist. Right now she loves going to the dentist! I honestly thought I was going to cry in the dentist office yesterday when the dentist told me the same thing as the first. I just feel like I could have prevented her from having to go through all of this if I would have taken her sooner or flossed her teeth or helped her brush every time she brushed..... I just feel awful! If you are a parent I am sure you can relate to how I feel, so please just lift her up in your prayers this week.


On Stage said...

Is the dentist going to put her "out" for this? If not, you might want to consider bring an I-Pod for listening enjoyment. That way she won't hear the drill etc...
Don't worry. Kid's are tough and bounce back much faster than we do. She'll be fine.
Maybe the dentist chould slip you some meds to help you relax.... I would need them if it was one of my kids!

Aimee said...

Oh Shawnie! I feel so bad for Olivia right now. I went through TONS of dental work when I was just 3, and it wasn't so fun! I'll be praying for you and Olivia!

Still Sane said...

I just made an appointment for Isabella.