Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The real thing

Okay, I got my hands on the exact study that I was venting about the other day, instead of the media regurgitating.
This is the part I found most amusing - it goes back to my first post about this - and how accurate the reporting was.
"Information on exposure to caffeine
consumption during pregnancy was obtained
during an in-person interview
conducted soon after a woman’s pregnancy
was confirmed (the median gestational
age at interview was 71 days).
Women were asked to report their intake
of beverage including caffeine-containing
beverages since their last menstrual
period (LMP). They were asked about
the types of their drinks; timing of initial
drink; the frequency and amount of the
intake; whether they changed consumption
patterns since becoming pregnant;
and, if so, the time, the frequency, and
the amount of consumption after the
change. Women might report their caffeine
intake on either a daily or weekly
basis and then average daily intake was
Okay, so the moms were interviewed on or about the 71st day of their pregnancy - that's 10 weeks and one day - coincidentally, that is exactly where I am right now! These women were asked to report their intake of caffeine since the first day of their last period. WTF - I can't even remember what I drank yesterday - and they think that this study is accurate - one word, BOLOGNA!
In addition, I found this amusing,
"Because we recruited
women at an early gestational age, a total
of 102 subjects (59%) had already had a
miscarriage at the time of initial contact
for their participation. These subjects
were interviewed soon after their miscarriage
(median delay 19 days), and information
on caffeine intake was ascertained
only up to the end of pregnancy."
Oh, I bet that was accurate - you asked a woman to tell you what she drank for the last 71 days after miscarrying 19 days earlier - was she even thinking clearly? I know I wasn't after losing any of my babies.
If you are interested, check out the entire study by clicking here.
Thanks for letting me vent...AGAIN! AND, keep in mind that I am no professional, you should follow your doctors recommendation and take everything I say as BS - what do I know? I can't even remember what I drank today.

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