Thursday, December 13, 2007

Girls-only Christmas party

L to R: Cory, Trisha, Heather, Amy, me & Courtney

On Saturday I went to my girlfriend Heather's house in the city for our annual girls-only Christmas party. I met Heather when I lived in the city - her and her boyfriend were our neighbors and we were together all the time. One of our most favorite things to do was go to Wal-mart in the suburbs - pathetic, I know. But we were two broke girls living in the city and we just loved the bargains at Wal-mart. Heather has been throwing a Christmas party every year since then and it's always so much fun. The first couple of years Heather did a sit-down dinner, but the last few years it has just been wine and appetizers. Heather always gives us huge bags of stuff. Most of the stuff is homemade goodies - she is the one that taught me everything I know about my decorated sugar cookies!!
Heather finally got engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years and they are planning their wedding for Labor Day Weekend.
On a side note - the blond in the black dress is 5 months pregnant with her third kid - doesn't that make you sick?
Like always I had a great time.

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