Monday, December 7, 2009

Disney 2009 - day three

On Tuesday we got up and headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This was our first venture on a bus - we had been using the monorail which is super convenient for families with strollers.  I packed the stroller up and we headed to the bus stop.  We were less than thrilled to find out we had to fold up the stroller.  We had about 10 different small bags, water bottles, fans...I grabbed both kids and boarded the bus with as much stuff as I could carry while Brian wrestled with the stroller and the remaining items packed inside and out - it was a disaster and took about 5 minutes - everyone on the bus was less than thrilled having to wait on us!  After feeling VERY overwhelmed and disorganized, we arrived at Hollywood Studios - the kids were ready to have fun and Brian and I were ready to pull our hair out and go back home.  To add to it, Brian had misplaced his Disney card that had his park passes and dining plan on it, so we had to go to guest services and get a replacement before entering the park.  Thankfully, Disney has a way of transforming any mood and it didn't take too long and we were having a blast!

Olivia took a seat on Brian's shoulders for a good view of High School Musical performing.

Meeting JoJo and Goliath

Meeting Leo and Annie of the Little Einsteins

We saw the Mickey Mouse club house, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and Pooh and friends on stage.

For lunch we went to Hollywood and Vine
Jack meeting Leo

Olivia posing with June, but Jack was not impressed!

These were three actors on the street doing a little skit while we waited for the block party to begin - they were absolutely hilarious!  We laughed our butts off as they started up their own on-the-road band.  They started getting on each others nerves and would make jabs at each other, then they would make-up, only to start fighting again over something silly.

The block party was absolutely fabulous!

Our favorite attraction at HS was the Toy Story Mania!

While in Hollywood Studios we also watched the Muppets 3D and the Voyage of Little Mermaid.

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