Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just for laughs

Olivia can be quite funny! She makes me laugh at least once a day. I thought I'd pass along a couple of things that got me laughing yesterday.

We were looking online at Toys R Us creating a Christmas Wish List.
Olivia says, "oh, oh, mommy, mommy, go back up! I want that, please please, can I get that, I want that, mommy mommy, I want that (pointing at a "salon") I really want it mommy, all accessories are sold separately!" (like that's a good thing?!?)
I know she's heard this on a commercial and she has absolutely no idea what it means!

Later in the day it was approaching nap time. We always give her a 5 minute warning for nap time and bedtime. So I called her name and when she looked at me I held up my hand showing 5 fingers. She looks at me and says in her sassy voice with attitude "What? Five dollar foot long?" Then she proceeds to sing the Subway, $5 foot long song doing the hand motions too!


Megan said...

So funny!! Reece sings that is amazing what these kids catch on to!

ReeRee said...

Yep, the footlong song is popular in this house, as well.

amanda said...

love it!!!!!

mommy25now! said...

I had to laugh because Brandon and I had this conversation:
B: We need to get the Gold Kit

M: What's that? I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

B: You know, they send you a kit, you send them your jewlery and they give you CASH! When you get your cash you can go on vacation!

M: AAHH!! Too much TV!!