Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

I had a GREAT weekend! My mom has never been able to be with us for Halloween, but this year she made it up from Indy to spend Friday with us. We started out at the Tea Room in Merrillville. It was so nice. Olivia got her own tea pot (Noah's ark) with lemonade and she just thought she was so special!

The rest of the day was filled with shopping, trick-or-treating and then we went out to dinner with some friends after trick-or-treating was over. It was just a really nice day spent with my mom.
Here's some pics of the kids trick-or-treating - Olivia and Abbey were so cute together!

On Saturday I took the kids and went to Indy for my niece, Sonya's first birthday party. Here's Sonya enjoying the decoration after all the kids ripped it down!

Saturday night we just had a relaxing evening at my parents house and got to stay up late thanks to the time change :-)

On Sunday we went to my ex-sister-in-law's house after church so that Olivia could ride my niece's new mini horses - she had SO much fun!

and while she enjoyed the horses I got to enjoy a nice Sunday drive on my dad's new toy! His 3-wheel Spider! We went for a nice drive out in the country - it was a lot of fun!


Still Sane said...

How nice! I love taking Ella to the Tea Room. It was a great weekend! A beautiful Indian Summer!

On Stage said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes! Just think of all the Halloween fun you're going to have with Jack....