Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some things can just make your heart melt

Miss O: Mom, where's that bag with all that candy in it? Can you help me find it?
me: You don't get any until you have eaten all of your breakfast. Did you eat all of your bagel?
Miss O: yah, where's that candy?
me: You ate ALL of your bagel?
Miss O: yah, can you help me find the candy?
me: Where's your bagel?
Miss O: Upstairs
me: (Walk up stairs to find 1/2 of a mini bagel still on her plate) Olivia, you need to sit in time out for lying to mommy - you didn't eat all of your bagel and you told mommy that you did.
Miss O: (sits in time out)
me: Olivia, come here please...what did you do wrong?
Miss O: Told a lie.
me: That's not nice to tell lies. It makes Jesus very upset when we tell lies.
Miss O: (looks up and yells at the top of her lungs) SORRY JESUS!!

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Megan said...

If only all kids would apologize to Jesus!! Hahaha!!